Basic Literacy for Women at Risk in Ethiopia
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About the Campaign




What do women at risk need to leave behind their lives of prostitution and exploitation? Do they need only skill training in order to secure a job or start their own business? Don’t they also need basic literacy?

Ellilta Women at Risk (EWAR) is a local NGO working to help women who work as prostitutes. The goal is to renew the hope of women who are trapped in the sex industry and provide them a viable way out. After completing a rehabilitation program provided by the project, women are ready to become productive members of the society because they are equipped with useful commercial skills.

For the past 20 years of service, EWAR has been able to help over 1000 women and their children leave a life of prostitution by offering a holistic, one-year program that includes counselling, literacy and vocational training, and job placement, as well as day-care services and school-fees for the children of participating women. The organization currently has programs the cities of in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, and Adama.

EWAR’s organizational focus is the reduction of prostitution through altering the demand and supply of the industry.

EWAR has learned in its years of experience that it is critical to offer holistic care to women who have experienced prostitution so that they are able to be freed from the bondage of sexual exploitation, and to break the generational cycle of prostitution from being passed on to their children. Through its comprehensive rehabilitation and intervention programs that address the psychosocial, emotional, parenting and economic needs of prostituted women, EWAR has been able to help over 1000 women and their children leave a life of prostitution at a 90% success rate. Success from EWAR means that upon completion of the one-year program, women go on to lead a life free of prostitution and never return to the streets – never.


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Tel: 00 251 116 184808/632526 Email: war@ethionet.et