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About the Campaign

Globally, there are 263 million out of school children (OOSC), and Ethiopia has the second largest OOSC population in Africa (UNICEF). There are many reasons children either never attend school or drop out of school, but the two root causes of  OOSC are the poverty of families and the poor quality of education in the schools.

Dropout Prevention Program


This program has five strategies to tackle these two root causes:

  1. School Income Generation Activities (IGA). Using a one-time contribution, IGA’s will generate profits through simple businesses to support the poor students who cannot even pay the indirect costs of education, such as registration fees, uniforms, and stationery.
  2. Mothers’ Self-help Groups. The program provides start-up capital to mothers to launch small businesses in order to produce revenue that will support the education of their children. Mothers will also receive basic literacy training.
  3. Tutoring Classes. After school tutoring sessions will be led by teachers and peers to bridge the achievement gap of students in every class.
  4. Teacher training. Practical training will be provided to each teacher focused on effective teaching strategies for all students.
  5. School readiness. Because there are no preschools in many neighborhoods, the program will provide one year of preschool through UNICEF’s Child to Child program in order to prepare children to enter grade school.

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