A mother and child in Embu district, Kenya. Their community is benefitting from metal silos for maize grain storage. CIMMYT's Effective Grain Storage project has been organizing workshops to train local artisans to make these simple silos with readily-available materials. By using them to store surplus grain, African farmers are able to better control post-harvest losses, and stabilize supplies and prices of maize while increasing their food and income security. 

For more information, see CIMMYT's blog story at: http://blog.cimmyt.org/?p=1287.

Farmer Cecilia Wangui Ndung'u speaks of the benefits of using silos in a CIMMYT video available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1W5wd50ozY.

Photo credit: A. Wamalwa/CIMMYT.

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