Are you seeking solutions for the following nine questions?

  1. In many places there are no pre-schools. How to prepare the preschoolers for grade 1?
  2. How to provide opportunities for OOSC to join schools and complete schooling?
  3. How to improve poor performing schools to quality schools?
  4. How to ensure students acquire appropriate skills in the schools?
  5. How to provide continuous professional development?
  6. How to find resources for less resourced schools?
  7. How to introduce innovation in schools?
  8. How to form literate families?
  9. How to engage the community in the improvement of schools?


Contact us to develop projects that will provide solutions to the above questions. For example

  • Child to Child (primary & secondary)

  • Accelerated Schools

  • Alternative Schools

  • Community Schools

  • School for Teachers

  • School for Families

  • Quality Schools

  • Career School

  • School Innovation Labs